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Machinery Removal and Installation
Factory relocation 
Cleanroom Relocation and installation
Flywheel Removal.jpg
Trumpf Trulaser Faymonville Low Loader Machine carrier Wide Load.jpg
Heavy and Abnormal Loads
Forklift Transportation
Daf truck Forklift Transport Forklift Trailer High Mast transport .jpg


Wide Selection of Electric, Diesel & Gas Forklifts, Articulated Fully Covered Trucks Carrying a wide Choice of lifting tackle to suit every occasion and scenario. Aergo Air Skates. Enabling us to carry out Factory relocations all in house 

Electric Counterbalance Forklifts 

We have a selection of Electric Counterbalance Forklifts all with free lift Masts along with 1.6 ton, 

3 ton, 5 ton & 12 ton having Container Specifications to ease the process of Loading machinery into Containers for export. with an added option of a Lifting Jib/boom attachment.

  • 1.6 ton Hyster
  • 3 ton    Hyster
  • 5 ton    Yale
  • 5.5 ton Yale
  • 6 ton    Hyster
  • 12 ton  Fimsa
Diesel & Gas (LPG) Counterbalance Forklifts

We have a selection of Diesel & Gas (LPG) Counterbalance Forklifts all with free lift Triplex Masts capable of lifting up to 6 Metres, with an addition of a Jib/Boom capable of lifting Over 7 Metres.

  • 4.5 ton Hyster (LPG)
  • 5 ton Hyster (LPG)
  • 6 ton  Boss 
  • 7 ton Boss
  • 8 ton Kalmar
  • 12 ton Hyster
Aergo Air Skates 

We have a selection of Aergo Air Skates ranging from 40 ton Capacity with 4 Castors, each Air Castor having 10 ton Capacity, another 46 ton Capacity Set on 6 Castors together combined over 80 ton can be lifted on a film of Air and moved with ease.


We currently run Articulated and Rigid Trucks all curtain sided with Sliding roofs to allow full access for all loading options, shape and sizes.

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